About Us

CEI Tutoring was founded in Castro Valley, 2012. It was initially structured as a math studio that was focused on individual/small group tutoring and competition training. With the rapidly growing, CEI Tutoring provides comprehensive programs to local students, including subjected tutoring, public speech, leadership training and college preparation. We believe that education plays a key rule in our community, and it is important to every child. CEI Tutoring offers concentrated and customized classes, and we work closely with parents to give the best to our students.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower students by providing a collaborative environment where they can master the skills needed to become successful lifelong learners.


Our Characteristics

●  Individual/Small Group Education Committed

●  Personalized Learning Plan

●  Comprehensive Education in Academic, Leadership, Tournament

●  Unique Math TBT Program

●  Lifetime Benefits from the Long Term Behavior Training

●  High Quality Teaching Team with Strong Teaching Experience